Photo image taken by my Hungarian American friend.

This is an ad (video), on You Tube, that I pasted in the embed code. I am looking this over.

New speakers purchased for $6 at Weird Stuff in Sunnyvale!

Reward at Gott’s!

Photo Images

Reward for Alan at Gott’s Roadside in Palo Alto.

Great day at Alan Smith Graphic Designer. Great work for website design clients and all is moving forward. View present website at All new Alan Smith Graphic Designer website is presently in design (underconstruction) at

Selfie “Alan at Rest”.

Selfie “Alan at Rest”.

Alan Smith Alta Max Creative Poster at 25% in JPEG format

Alan’s Office, Sunnyvale CA

BJ’s on De Anza Blvd, Cupertino CA

Gregory Alan Smith Logo Monitor Image

The Face of “G Alan Smith Ride Share”!

Alan on Balboa Court, Sunnyvale CA